The Curse of the Thirty Denarii

After presenting some test illustrations, René Sterne was accepted as a cartoonist of the Blake and Mortimer series by Dargaud, and was commissioned to draw Jean Van Hamme’s latest two-part script, The Curse of the Thirty Denarii. On November 16 2006, having already amassed the documentation for both parts, drawn the storyboard for the first one and inked 29 pages of the first album, Sterne died in the Grenadine Islands. The album was finished by his wife, Chantal de Spiegeleer, and published in 2009, with its continuation drawn by Antoine Aubin and Étienne Schréder and published in 2010. Below you an check out the cover of the album (drawn by de Spiegeleer and colored by her and Laurence Croix), as well as sketches, inkings, cover projects, ex-libris and serigraphs from the album, found in Daniel Maghen, Sterne’s own website (now closed)

Malédiction des 30 deniers T2 (La)


Mortimer has been invited to Greece for admiring a distrssing archeological discovery: Judas’s 30 denarii. Hitting everyone who touches them with a curse, the coins are thought to be the embodiment of God’s rage! In the wrong hands, such a weapon would lead, without doubt, to the destruction of humanity. And, precisely, the FBI asks for Blake’s urgent help: Olrik has just escaped the Jacksonville prison… And even if the sinister coronel isn’t behind this plot, the opportunity to obtain revenge againt his enemy Mortimer soon convinced him to take part in theft of the 30 denarii. Theological ghost or scientific reality, the danger is anyway quite real! (Translated from Blake and Mortimer’s official website)






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