Chantal De Spiegeleer

Source: Dargaud.

Born in the Belgian Congo in 1957, Chantal De Spiegeleer learned about the 9th Art at the Saint-Luc Institute in Brussels. Her first album is a graphical ‘ovni’: Mirabelle. Fascinated by failed destinies, she invents a geometric trait, echoing the classicism of the Belgian School. Found and hired by the Tintin magazine, she started publishing her series Madila, whose characters shake the power equilibrium between men and women throughout four albums, there in 1998. After the series’ end, Chantal De Spiegeleer left comics aside to explore digital painting, video games and the fashion world through making and designing clothes. She kept an eye on the 9th Art with Adler, the hero created by her husband René Sterne, whose albums she colours. She also follows the making-off of The Course of the Thirty Denarii, and, after René Sterne’s sudden death, she draws the end of the first album of the story, published in 2009. (Translated from Dargaud’s website)

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